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​​Camping Magazine (May/June 2019)

Make Coffee or Make a Difference: Camp is a Real Job

Camp Business (May/June 2019)

Understanding the Recruitment Pool for Staff Members

Camping Magazine (January/February 2019)

Staffing Strategies: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Headed?

Camping Magazine (May/June 2018)

Signing on the Dotted Line: Commitment is a Two-Way Street

Camping Magazine (March/April 2018)

Yes Means Yes Until Something Better Comes Along

Camping Magazine (January/February 2018)
A Meeting of the Minds: Camp Directors, Higher-Ed, and College Students

Camping Magazine (May/June 2017)
Communication: Up, Down, and Sideways

Camping Magazine (May/June 2016)

From a Slinky to a Smurf: Evolving Groups Into Communities

Camping Magazine (May/June 2015)

From Camper to Counselor: What Footprint Will You Leave?

Camping Magazine (May/June 2014)
Parachute Pants, Pokemon, and iPods: Understanding Your Campers at Various Ages and Stages

Camping Magazine (May/June 2013)
The Most Appreciated Thank-You Note You Will Ever Write!

Camping Magazine (March/April 2013)
Staff Correspondence to Camper Parents: The 'Not-So-Lost' Art of Letter Writing

Camping Magazine (May/June 2012)
Lights, Camera, Action: Writing Your Own Activity Script 

Camping Magazine (May/June 2011) 
Configure the Ideal Smartphone: "Apps" for Camp Staff to Download and Install 

Camping Magazine (May/June 2010) 
Big Deal or No Big Deal: A Framework for Co-Counselors 

Camping Magazine (May/June 2009) 
Chance vs. Choice: Staff Decisions in a Typical Camp Day

Camping Magazine (January/February 2009) 
No Reservations Needed!: Please Be Seated for a Five-Course, Staff Training Smorgasbord 

Camp Woodland Blog (July 2011) 
How One Summer Can Change a Life Forever