Up, Down, and Sideways

Make It Memorable: 
Staff Training That Stands the Test of Time

Grab Your Flip-Flops for a Walk Through the Ages/Stages of Camper Development

Kim Aycock

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Learning Sessions

If A Dog Can Blog,
So Can YOU!

A Meeting of the Minds: Camp Directors, Higher Ed, & Students

Camp 2 Campus Learning Solutions

Where Training Ignites Learning

The "Last Summer Syndrome":
Refocusing & Energizing Veteran Staff

Chance vs Choice:
Staff Decisions in a Typical Camp Day

Kim can design a session based

on your staff training needs...

​just ask!

The Not-So Junior Staff:
Transition from Camper to Counselor

Unlock the Door to Staff Retention: The Key is YOUR Staff Culture

3rd Option Thinking: Somewhere Between Fight or Flight

Session Topic Ideas for Camp Leaders and Staff
p.s.  This is a PARTIAL list...Kim LOVES to create new sessions to fit your needs!!  

Camp on a Resume:

Help Staff Get it Write

Got 10 Minutes?:

Valuable Leadership Nuggets in Under 1/4 Hour

Rewind vs Fast Forward:
The Importance of Review in Staff Training

The Train(ing) Doesn't Stop Here:
Stay On Track All Season 

Camper Management: 

Are Your Staff in Control?

From C- to A+: Making the Grade for Written Communication from 
Staff to Parents

Proceed to the Route:
Lessons from Siri on Giving Feedback to Staff

The Not-So Junior Staff:
Transition from Camper to Counselor

Follow the Leader:
Essential Leadership Skills for ALL Staff

innovative. interactive. effective.

Meaningful Staff Appreciation 

is NOT One-Size-Fits-All

Big Deal or No Big Deal:
A Framework for Co-Counselors


Lights, Camera, Action: 
Teaching Staff to Write Their Own Activity Script


Bully Busters:
A Proactive Approach
to Camper Relationships

Leadership Scramble

Ready, Set, GO!

From a Slinky to a Smurf: 
A Group Development Model