Kim is "OUTSTANDING in her field"!

"Kim Aycock blends the skills of a master teacher with the knowledge of a seasoned camp professional.  She is equally comfortable and effective in a school classroom or working with camp staff during pre-camp or at an in-service workshop.  She teaches with sensitivity, creativity, and natural enthusiasm.  Kim involves the people she teaches in their own learning with hands-on experiences.  Her handouts are practical, thorough, on-target keepers."

Gordie Kaplan, Executive Director 

American Camp Association, Illinois

"Kim Aycock has an amazing acuity for connecting with college aged camp counselors and motivating them to take their jobs seriously.  She is not just a veteran camp leader; Kim is a master teacher whose understanding and ability to teach to her students' learning styles continually earn her highest acclaim and numerous honors.  To watch her in front of a camp staff, leading them through creative learning, is to watch one of the elite professionals in this field.  She is one of the rare few who truly gets it."

Jeffrey Leiken, MA

Evolution Mentoring

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Kim Aycock

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