Camp Staff Training

  • April 27: Camp 4U (GA)
  • May 31: Crystal Lake Park District (IL)
  • June 6: NC 4H Camps Combined Staff Training (NC)
  • July 6-Aug 3: Camp Woodland and Towering Pines (WI)
  • July 14: Red Pine Camp (WI)


  • Jan 8-9: ACA Mid-Atlantic Conference, Williamsburg, VA
  • Jan 15-16: ACA Texoma Winter Conference, Waring, TX
  • ​Jan 28-April 29: GoCampPro Masterclass - Staff Culture: Key to Recruiting and Retention (Monday's at 2:30 pm EST)
  • Jan 28-Feb 8: SCampCon (Memorable Staff Training session at 2:00 pm EST on Friday, Feb 1st)
  • Feb 5: Eastern NC Breakfast Club (State Farmer's Market Restaurant), Raleigh, NC
  • Feb 17-18: CODA Conference, Nashville, TN
  • ​Feb 18: ACA Southeastern LCOL Meeting
  • Feb 19-22: ACA National Conference, Nashville, TN
  • ​March 3-4: CAMPference, Horseshoe Bay, TX
  • March 12-15: Tri-States Camp Conference, Atlantic City, NJ
  • March 19: Camp Stanislaus Board Meeting, Bay St Louis, MS
  • March 28-30: ACA New England Conference, Manchester, NH
  • March 31-April 3: ACA Mid-States Conference, Pheasant Run Resort and Convention Center, IL
  • April 11: ACA Webinar (Camp on a Resume: Help Staff Get it Write @ 1:00 pm EST)
  • April 26: ACA Southeastern LCOL Meeting
  • May 14: Camp Stanislaus Board Meeting, Bay St Louis, MS
  • Sept 25-27: ACA Southeast Fall Conference, St Petersburg, FL
  • Nov 4-6: Women in Camping Conference, Pheasant Run Resort and Convention Center, IL

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